Assault with intent to rob a women in grabbing her handbag and attempting to rip it from her possession in company. She was pulled off balance and fell to the ground.

  Justice McElrea said in Sami [para no 26]

Where a defendant takes part in a restorative justice process…then that can have a very real relevance in terms of the purposes of sentencing. Where a defendant such as Mr Sami takes part in a conference with a direct face-to-face meeting with the victim (and is willing to answer her questions and to be accountable to her in a very direct way) the Court in my view can accept, as a mitigating factor, that he has already been held accountable in that face-to-face way for harm done, and he has been held accountable in a way which is likely to promote a sense of responsibility for harm and some personal acknowledgement of that harm.


Citation: R v Junior Sami 2005 DC AK [14 October 2005]